Hi! I’m Lauren
Call me your personal design hype girl. This picture accurately captures the excitement I get from being a part of your moments that inspire the amazing pieces I get to work on.
“How did you start doing Calligraphy?”
Although I’ve been creating art for as long as I can remember, my first calligraphy moment came when my college roommate needed a sign for her wedding. That following year I was lucky enough to help so many friends and family (and myself!) with their weddings and from there Pix Market Designs was born.
“What can I expect from Pix Market Designs?”
Each person, story and piece is different. I’ll give every project my full attention as we work out design, color schemes, fonts, flow – you name it! No matter the idea, you can expect that we’ll take it on as a team and I’ll treat it as if it’s my own.
“What does Pix Market Stand for?”
Pix is short for Pixie – my cat. Pixie has been my little work sidekick for the past 8 years and if you follow me on Instagram you’ll see her pop in now and then.
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Pix Market
Let’s Chat!

York/Lancaster PA
Is Pix Market Designs not in your neighborhood? No worries! Many of our clients live states away. Pix Market Designs will take care of your finished pieces from start to end – including the shipping.